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Fan Expo Mini-Sherlockian Meetup

So a few of you wanted to meetup at Fan Expo, so I spied around on google street view and I’m just going to throw up a date, time and place because honestly IhavenoideawhatI’mdoing. So there’s a Starbucks on the corner of Wellington and John St. just North of the Metro Convention Centre. Saturday at 12 noon I’ll be there with keychains and buttons, because that’s pretty much all I’ve got left, but come even if you aren’t interested in doodads, because being nerds is better than doodads. 

I’ll wear my alarming pink tartan button up shirt because it’s the loudest thing I own, but you might also recognize me by my bag as it’s blue and covered in… what is the plural of TARDIS? 

Also if you are one of the people going, send me an ask and I can send you my cell # so you can text me if you’re having trouble finding me. Also my name is Alanna, just so you don’t have to pose the awkward question ‘are you London Battlefield?’